Hey! I am Erin Elizabeth

I was the kid who actually tried to make everything I saw on Art Attack. My Barbie dolls were always decked out in the latest homemade sock dress fashions by yours truly. I grew up with 3 brothers so when I ran out of socks to cut up and moved onto making human sized dresses my youngest brother; Wade was the lucky runway model, strutting through the living room in plastic heels.
I learned to crochet when I was 15, to make a granny square blanket for my first boyfriend. Over the last 11 years I've gone from granny squares, to dish clothes, to scarves, to hats, to socks, to anything I can imagine!

I've recently started writing patterns for some of my favourite & simpler creations for all you makers out there! If you would like to sell items made with my patterns that's a-okay with me. Share the goodness! please just reference me :). For all you shoppers I have ready to ship items available in my shop (when in stock) as well as a few made to order items. I like to take on custom orders or requests from time to time as it gives me a chance to make something I may not have thought of on my own so feel free to contact me via instagram (@erinlizabethw) or email (erinwiechenthal@gmail.com). I can't guarantee that I will take on all requests. I also love feedback on what you guys like so that I can make more of that type of item, so don't be shy!

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