Materials you will need: 

11.5" knitting loom - Quick Knit knitting loom by Loops and Threads featured in photo

Hook for loom

1 skein of orange yarn and 1 skein of green yarn - Mixtape Yarn by WoolAndTheGang featured in photo

 [tape yarn or fabric yarn is ideal but any type of chunky yarn will do]


Wool needle

Measuring tape

6.5 mm crochet hook to crochet leaves [optional]

Step 1 - bag 

With orange yarn: start by wrapping your yarn around the single peg on the side of your loom (anchor peg) to hold it in place as you work around. With pegs facing up you will begin by working around the first peg to the left of the anchor peg (peg 1). With your working yarn on the inside of the loom wrap your yarn around peg 1. Continue to work around each peg consecutively clockwise, making sure that the connecting yarn is always on the inside of the loom. 

Work your way around the loom twice, so that you have 2 loops on each peg of your loom. Wrap your working yarn around the anchor peg to hold it in place. 

Starting with peg 1 use your hook to pull the bottom loop over the top loop and off the peg. 

Work around to complete 1 row. 

Repeat this process for 40 rows. 

When you are ready to take the work off the loom, cut the working yarn leaving a tail at least 12 inches long. Thread your yarn needle onto the tail from the working yarn. Using the needle in a similar fashion to the hook slide it under the loop on peg 1 and thread through the loop as you pull it off of the peg. 

(note that photos below DO NOT show 40 rows complete

Continue until piece is completely off the loom. Pull the hole closed and sew shut. 

Finished piece will look like this 

Step 2 - drawstring and strap

With green yarn: 


cut 3 pieces ~ 30 inches in length  

knot pieces at top 

braid together

knot again at bottom 


cut 6 pieces ~ 54 inches in length 

knot leaving ~ 6 inch tails

braid pieces together 

knot at end leaving ~ 6 inch tails 

Step 3 -optional crochet leaf 

With green yarn:

chain 7

single crochet in second chain from hook

single crochet in next 2 st, half double crochet in next st, 2 double crochet in next stitch, 3 double crochet in last stitch

Rotate (DON'T FLIP, just turn to work down the other side of the chain)

3 double crochet in first stitch


2 double crochet in next stitch, half double crochet in next stitch, single crochet in next 3 stitches. 

Weave ends in

Step 4 - assembly

Inserting the drawstring (30" braid) from the outside to inside (so that the tail will be outside the bag) weave the drawstring through every other loop around the opening of your bag 

Work around and end with both ends OUTSIDE the bag (if you weave in every loop or every third loop at some point to end this way that is okay) 

Insert the ends of your drawstring through two of the spaces between double crochets of your leaf 

Open bag up with the draw string in the center 

Take your strap (54" braid) and at one end split the 6" tails into 2 piece (3 tails in each). On one side of your bag pick out 2 side by side stitches 1 row from the top and push the tails through so that the knot is inside the bag.

Braid tails together to secure strap and knot at the end. 

Repeat on the other side  (I didn't measure to find exactly where to place straps but you can count stitches to make them exactly even if you want) 

Voila! you are done! 

Customize by adding more leaves or splitting braids into more smaller ones to make more "vines", have fun with it!